27 de diciembre de 2016

Prayer of the Mothers - Yael Deckelbaum - Official video

Women prayed and marched for peace.

From the north to the south
From the west to the east
Hear the prayer of the mothers
Bring them peace
Bring them peace!

Video Publicado el 15 nov. 2016.
Yael Deckelbaum fit. Lubna Salame, Daniel Rubin, Miriam Tukan, Rana choir, the Hebrews of Dimona and singers from all sectors and religions of israeli society.

Il 4 ottobre 2016, centinaia di donne hanno marciato verso Gerusalemme per chiedere la pace. La canzone Prayer of the Mothers è nata proprio dall’incontro della cantautrice Yael Deckelbaum e questo gruppo di donne.

26 de diciembre de 2016

50 Jornada mundial de la Paz - World day of Peace

Journée Mondiale de la Paix - Giornata Mondiale della Pace
  • Mensaje del Santo Padre Francisco para la celebración de la 50 Jornada mundial de la paz - 1 de enero de 2017.

  • Message of his holiness Pope Francis for the celebration of the fiftieth World day of Peace - 1 JANUARY 2017.
  • Message du Pape François pour la célébration de la 50e Journée mondiale de la Paix - 1er JANVIER 2017.
  • Messaggio del Santo Padre Francesco per la celebrazione della Giornata mondiale della Pace - 1° GENNAIO 2017.

20 de diciembre de 2016

17 de diciembre de 2016

Custodians of their environment

The thumbprint pledge has been taken by our students to visually represent their acceptance of the role of custodians of their environment.

Jesus and Mary College
Our Lady's Grove Goatstown

16 de diciembre de 2016

We are joined...

In an age of multiculturalism and inclusion we at Our Lady’s Grove are a microcosm of a globalised world. We are joined in our community by those of other faiths and none, diverse nationalities and traditions.
Jesus and Mary College
Our Lady's Grove Goatstown

From Our Lady's Grove, Ireland

We have achieved our first Green Schools Flag and are very close to our second. This is some of the work done by our Green Schools Committee that is displayed around the school.

This is a beautiful reflection piece by our students on those that we are sorry to have lost. It also looks at we who survive have and should be thankful for.

Jesus and Mary College
Our Lady's Grove Goatstown

15 de diciembre de 2016

Poject bright empowering young women

This is a Project that we ran in relationship with KPMG. 
It ran for three months and attempted to improve confidence in teenage girls.

Jesus and Mary College
Our Lady's Grove Goatstown

14 de diciembre de 2016

Wonderful visits...

Students as part of the St. Vincent de Paul club visit the elderly weekly in the local nursing home.  

They sit and talk to them, tell stories and listen to stories. 

They sing with them.  

It is a great experience for them.