26 de abril de 2021

Juntos logramos cuidar nuestro Medio Ambiente

Desde el Colegio de Mérica, México, nos comparten cómo están trabajando por el cuidado de nuestra Casa Común.

¡Sumate desde tu casa, allí donde estés! 

9 de abril de 2021

JPIC Roma - Commission USG UISG



Editor’s Note: During these rich liturgical days following Easter, we are called to respond with compassion and to bring the presence of Christ to wherever we are. As disciples, we continue to reflect on the life of Jesus and to follow his example throughout the day. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we strive to determine what is ours to do during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond our pain, we are challenged to keep connectedness alive, maintain solidarity and create a future that benefits everyone on Mother Earth, our common home. 

1 Human Rights Advocacy ... 
2 Economy of Francesco... 
3 Food and Hunger... 
4 From Laudato Si' to Querida Amazonía... 
5 Importance of Encounter and Dialogue... 
6 Fratelli Tutti and Pope's Francis Lenten Message... 
7 Calendar and International Days


Nota editorial: Durante estos días litúrgicos tan ricos que siguen a la Pascua nos sentimos llamados a responder con una actitud de compasión y a llevar a todas partes la presencia de Cristo. Como discípulos, continuamos reflexionando sobre la vida de Jesús y siguiendo su ejemplo a lo largo de nuestros días. Bajo la guía del Espíritu Santo, tratamos de descubrir el papel que debemos desempeñar durante la presente pandemia de COVID -19. Además de la compasión, nos vemos desafiados a mantener viva la experiencia de interconexión y a solidarizarnos en la tarea de crear un futuro beneficioso para todos los que habitan la Madre Tierra, nuestra casa común.

1 Promoción de los Derechos Humanos... 
2 Economía de Francesco... 
3 Hambre y Alimentación... 
4 De Laudato Si' a Querida Amazonía... 
5 Importancia del Encuentro y Diálogo.. 
6 Fratelli Tutti y el mensaje de Papa Francisco para la Cuaresma... 
7 Calendario y días Internacionales

7 de febrero de 2021

Santa Bakhita (08-02)

Jornada Mundial de Oración y Reflexión Contra la Trata de Personas, 8 febrero
Memoria Litúrgica de santa Bakhita

Giornata Mondiale di Preghiera e Riflessione Contro la Tratta di Persone, 8 Febbraio
Memoria Liturgica di Santa Bakhita

The International Day Of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, 8th. February
Memorial of St. Bakhita

Journée Mondiale de Prière et de Réflexion Contre la Traite des personnes, le 8 février
Mémoire Liturgique de Sainte Bakhita

PRAYER - 8 FEBRUARY 2021 - An economy without human trafficking

ORACIÓN - 8 FEBRERO 2021 – Economía sin trata de personas

PREGHIERA - 8 FEBBRAIO 2020 - Economia senza tratta di persone 

24 de diciembre de 2020

Merry Christmas - Feliz Navidad

Por la entrañable misericordia de nuestro Dios, nos visitará el Sol que nace de lo alto. Lc. 1, 78

Grazie alla bontà misericordiosa del nostro Dio, per cui verrà a visitarci dall'alto un Sole che sorge. Lc. 1, 78

Grâce à la tendresse, à l'amour de notre Dieu, quand nous visite l'Astre d'en haut. Lc. 1, 78

In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from on high shall break upon us. Lc. 1, 78

22 de diciembre de 2020

Our Posada

Here in the USA, several of our sisters are taking part in the virtual Posadas provided by the Ignation Solidarity Network. Each night a family sings from their home followed by a presentation by a migrant telling their story of what forced them to leave their homeland and seek asylum in our country.  We are then invited to reflect in silence before the closing prayer of each days Posada.  This is a very different experience from our usual Posada at the USA/Mexico border wall near the Pacific Ocean.  There we would walk and sing along the border wall with people of all different Christian denominations participating on both sides of the border.  COVID robbed us of this hope-filled experience this year.

As we participate in these ‘safe’ virtual Posadas, I’m conscious of the thousands of migrants, especially Reina and her two children, who have been on a risky ‘Posada’ for over a year…leaving life-threatening experiences in their El Salvador neighborhood, crossing unwelcoming borders, resting in streets and shelters along the way, and recently receiving a 2 week notice to vacate her room in Tijuana. 

Then she began ‘knocking on many doors’ where there was no room for them until Dec. 4 when she and the other migrant mom and her 7 year old son were able to enter their new house in Tijuana.  What a faith-filled Posada spanning many months trusting in a loving God…and still hoping for new life-giving doors to be opened to them.  Now they have beds, not a mattress on the floor and an indoor bathroom.  Their journey with God continues to overcome fear with hope.  We continue to journey with them in prayer, with food and rent, and being awed and humbled by their faith filled WhatsApp messages and conversations.  This is the second Christmas we are sharing with them.  Being part of their journey from when they first arrived in the San Diego shelter and now in Tijuana has been a transforming experience.  Seeing their pain has brought us face to face with the wounded Christ in our midst.  

Knowing their faith has given us new eyes to see the Light penetrating the darkness.  Our JM communities and friends have reached out revealing Hope along the way. Let us be united in prayer with Reina and family, with the many migrants around our world and with the many people extending compassion and Hope to their neighbor.

 Rosie Nicholson, RJM
USA-Haiti Provice