6 de septiembre de 2021

Care for people, care for Creation

 “So many people are hanging by the thinnest of threads. Treat people well, you could just be that thread.” Anonymous.

We at St. Agnes High School, Mumbai,  have reached out during the Pandemic to the needy showing them care and support - material as well as emotional.

Two students from our Primary section could not afford to buy two mobiles for online learning due to poor economic condition, so they were missing out on their studies .We requested their mother to bring them to school so that we could help them in their studies through or school mobile. Their mother brings them at 8.30am and picks them up at 01.30pm. Morning

Another parent requested for a job since her husband has lost his job .We gave her teaching of the catechism class and pay her honorarium to support her. Sister also got a sponsor to pay her daughters fees for five months.

There was an elderly Lady who used to bring Tiffin for the school children and earned a living but now as school has closed she has no source of Income. We give her monthly ration.

Our helpers are actively involved in the care for creation movement. Last year during season of creation they planted vegetables on primary school ground from it we got organic pumpkins, muskmelons and Fenugreek vegetables for the sisters kitchen. They had planted four Elaichi Banana plants, of which 3 have given us Bananas this year. They have also made Vermi culture pit and dump the vegetable peals from kitchen into it.

This is how we practice this care for people and care for creation. I conclude this article from the quote from Khalil Gibran “Generosity is giving more than you can, and Pride is taking less than you need.”

From PUNE Province, India