29 de diciembre de 2019

The season of Creation

Province of Pakistan

 1st September to 4th October as the season of Creation and The synod on the Amazon started, we as the Religious of Jesus and Mary, our students, teachers were on fine passion to be actively involved. The climatic action, movement caught our attention to come together save our precious common homeland and its people.

Every day at assembly little ones brought messages, poems, songs and speeches to express their great love for the welfare for our common home. The children shared the school activities with their families and daily plantation took place at their homes, villages, streets, on roadside and the graveyard. They brought the pictures of the family tree which were placed on the school bulletin board. Through these little events and activities great joy and outpouring comments from parents have been incredible. Some children took great pride to bring plants and trees for the school.

It’s the little ones that inspired us to take this campaign to the grassroots level thus we planted many fruits and shady trees with the brickline’s families.  As we all know that the brickline’s families are away from the city so a shady tree was planted for each family. They take great pride to look after the trees like a family member. We also prayed together to bring awareness to families that climate emergency is real, Act Now!

Daily practice of serving God in all creation we have started a campaign to keep our surroundings clean. No to plastic bags and Yes to recycling and in our school we really see the fruit of this campaign to use the bin. Bulletins boards were prepared for this campaign and we consider it as a part of healthy curriculum. We are so grateful for this season of reflection, action we have shared. These moments have given all of us hope, inspiration to save the earth our common homeland. It has brought us closer to our mother earth and to each other.

International Peace day was observed and celebrated in our school with a great zeal and joy.
With great dedication Children had prepared poems, songs, speeches and little scripts to spread peace in the world and in our own country to make Pakistan a peaceful and better place for everyone. Little ones invited the senior girls and boys to join them to plant seeds of peace.
We observed 2 minutes silence to mobilize the inner peace. The program was ended by leaving C.J.M banner in the air with the message “Peace begins with a smile.” After national anthem children went to their classes. The entire program was disciplined and well arranged.


27 de diciembre de 2019

Water day in Toba Tek Sing

                   Convent of Jesus and Mary Toba Tek Singh
Province of Pakistan

According to the theme for this year some children shared the importance of water and how to save it.  Some of the children spoke about the beauty of mother earth and how climatic changes are affecting the earth. At the end of the program the Principal of school Sr. Clara Dewan was invited to give her views.  She advised to use natural resources wisely and peacefully. So, that we can be beneficiary for the country by saving the natural resources.

 We observed 2 minutes silence to mobilize the inner peace. The program was ended by leaving C.J.M banner in the air with the message “Peace begins with a smile.” After national anthem children went to their classes. The entire program was disciplined and well arranged.

26 de diciembre de 2019

International Peace Day

In C.J.M School Toba Tek singh
Province of Pakistan
International Peace day is observed all over the world on 21 September. As we all know that International days are celebrated to emphasize the importance of special events and reinforce the achievements of humanity. So, it is necessity of time to develop a sense of love and harmony among the people to make the world a happiest place. Our mission is not only to educate the generation but to generate a sense of brotherhood without the discrimination of color and creed, no matter who we are, no matter what we want to be but it is important to acquire what we should be. For the accomplishment of our mission for peace we celebrate International Peace Day every year to memorize the struggle of our formers.

                   This year we also arranged a short program concerning the global issue of peace under the theme of “Climate Action for Peace”. It was celebrated on 23rd September 2019. Children were in their full uniform with white and blue balloons in their hands. They gathered at assembly ground. Program started with Morning Prayer.  After Morning Prayer children from different classes expressed their views about Peace. Class 4 performed a short play based on Peace. Other class came and they sang a song (Make me a channel of your Peace). 

23 de diciembre de 2019

Introducing Child protection Policy...

Convent of Jesus and Mary School - Karachi
Province of Pakistan

In solidarity with children introducing Child protection Policy

The school introduced the child protection policy, in order to take care of the basic rights of every child. So that those dealing with children be a teachers, management, caretaker and anyone concerned with them must respect their dignity and treat them with care.

22 de diciembre de 2019

20 de diciembre de 2019

Creating awareness of the effects of drugs and trying to save humanity

Province of Pakistan

The rangers came and spoke to the girls about drugs. The drug seen in our country is alarming. The speaker spoke about the company of friends that influences the use of drugs among the group. 
A lady doctor spoke of many cases she has met and continues to meet in her job as a doctor. Her advice to all young people is not touch drugs.
Convent of Jesus and Mary Karachi

In solidarity with Kashmir

The School principal and the students join the people from the education department: they plant a tree in solidarity with the people of Kashmir, who are suffering for some time. The school prayed together with the educational authorities for an end to the sufferings especially for human rights abuse.

19 de diciembre de 2019

Provincia México-Cuba

Con el objetivo de fomentar en los alumnos una consciencia ecológica en las diversas actividades realizadas durante el año, el pasado 1 de noviembre en la Preparatoria Vasco de Quiroga, ubicada en el municipio de Tuzantla, estado de Michoacán, México; donde hacen presencia algunas de nuestras hermanas Religiosas de Jesús-María, se tuvo por primera vez el “CONCURSO DE CATRINAS” (símbolo popular de la muerte), con material reciclado.
Cada catrina se organizó con sus compañeros, quienes trabajaron en conjunto para recolectar los materiales y con creatividad pensar en su vestuario. Algunos de estos materiales utilizados fueron: bolsas de sabritas, tapas y botellas de plástico (pet), corcholatas, papel periódico, hojas de árboles, papel de china utilizada en otra actividad, bolsas de nailo.
Los alumnos quedaron satisfechos con la actividad, de modo especial con la consciencia que casi todo el material que usan a diario lo puede utilizar/reciclar nuevamente y así se contamina menos y cuidamos esta que llamamos Casa Común donde todos habitamos.

17 de diciembre de 2019

The school activities of Karachi community throughout the year

Province of Pakistan
               Celebrating Earth Day  
The school celebrated Earth day with children of Prep 1& 2 creating awareness of the need to look after Mother Earth. The children are holding paper banners in which they tell us to take care of Mother Earth.
Celebrating international women’s day
Class 8 presents a dance depicting the hardships of women in everyday life.

A)  Their need to be free.
B)  Their need to celebrate life.
C)  Their need for equal rights.
D)  Their need to avail of the opportunities in life. 
The sisters of Karachi community share their goods with deserving families of non-Christians. We wish to promote inter faith harmony which touches every corner of our nation. Amidst the suffering world religious beliefs are proved to be the way forward for peace and prosperity.
Sharing our goods with the poor

16 de diciembre de 2019

Tree planting...

Convent oj Jesus and Mary School, SIALKOT, 
Province of Pakistan

The ancient city of Sialkot was once a flourishing agricultural area that was full of beautiful, green flowering trees, shrubs, flowers and crops especially wheat and rice.  The air was free from pollution and the skies were a clear blue. On bright days one could see the Kashmir Mountain peaks covered with snow.  The two rivers – Tavi and Chenab were life-giving for the surrounding environment and for fish.
With all this beauty, Sialkot has also become an industrial city.  As the growth of industry has increased around the world, Sialkot has been influenced by these effects.  Hence much cultivated land has been ruthlessly taken over for factories and residential areas.  This has caused much loss to the environment in many ways, including the uprooting of trees, less areas for cultivation, water polluted with chemicals and fresh air replaced by fog and bacteria, causing may diseases.
We, the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, who founded this school in 1856, have seen a drastic change over the years.  Inspired by our third Priority, Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation”, we have tried to animate our pupils to become more aware of this and begin a campaign to plant trees.  The pupils took this up enthusiastically by planting trees in their own homes and in the surrounding areas.  The school organized a “Tree Planting Day” and in addition, a parent donated thirty saplings to plant around the school.  This is an ongoing project and we plan to plant more trees in other areas of Sialkot this year.  May Sialkot once again, become a city free from pollution and gain its original beauty.

8 de diciembre de 2019



1.    Compromiso social:
El pasado 10 de noviembre, el Instituto Electoral de la Ciudad de México (IECM) realizó una consulta para niños y adolescentes.
El organismo informó que el objetivo es “formar individuos capaces de tomar decisiones en forma consciente y responsable”.
Los niñas de Casa Santa Clara A.C pudieron opinar sobre problemáticas de su entorno en una de las 858 mesas receptoras.
Ellas opinaron sobre su percepción en temas de seguridad social y manifestaron su descontento con la contaminación ambiental.
2.    Cuidado del medio ambiente:

Para cuidar el planeta, los árboles y generar menos basura, las niñas de Casa Santa Clara A.C utilizan sevilletas de tela en lugar de desechables.
3.    Dos alumnas de Casa Santa Clara, cuidan con esmero y dedicación su planta sembrada en la escuela