24 de octubre de 2015

Nature is speaking

A conservation International Film

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford, Ian Somerhalder y Lupita Nyong'o se unen para darle una voz a la naturaleza.

Disfruta los videos y manifiestate a través de http://natureisspeaking.org

21 de octubre de 2015

From Haiti

"I started going to Haiti in 2012 with the Quest program and I instantly fell in love. I went back in 2013 and did the camp again. I graduated college in 2014, then decided to put my masters on hold, start Creole lessons and to go to Haiti for the year. I was beyond excited to head back to my second home!

I decided to make a playground for the children - a place they could finally call their own - a place they could go and just be a kid and have fun.

The outpouring from people was amazing and over 2,000 dollars was raised!

We started building the playground the end of April and it took us two weeks. It went so fast because the whole Haitian community was involved, working every minute.
The best feeling in the world was seeing the children play on it for the first time. They were so happy, and loving life! Then when they came up and thanked me, I just cried I was so overwhelmed with emotion.
I want to thank all the donors who have given to the Haitian community in Gros-Morne! I hope you all know how much you have done for the people of Gros-Morne! Your help and support does not go unseen, and we appreciate it every day." Elizabeth Ratke

From: HAITI MISSION NEWSLETTER - Religious of Jesus and Mary - Summer 2015
               Elizabeth Ratke (repeat year-long volunteer)
               Facebook: RJM-Haiti
               Blog: http://40ratke.blogspot.com