30 de junio de 2016

A brief report, of CJM special school

Incorporating the Religious of Jesus and Mary mission of “Living a life committed to justice, peace and the integrity of creation” in our daily activities 2015-16

Our journey at CJM Special School, Clare Road, is a Walk through Life entwined with the Religious of Jesus and Mary, as one apostolic body, imbibing and reflecting their mission: “Living a life committed to justice, peace and the integrity of creation” with love & care.
We endeavoured to learn & live this mission in our everyday School life through various activities and programmes planned & executed during the year.  Commencing the Year with The Holy Eucharist, followed by an Annual General Body meeting of the P.T.A., inviting parents to cooperate & work alongside us in a team effort to help substantiate the growth & progress of our special children towards one common goal of empowering them academically & socially; Emphasis was laid on non-discrimination, whether girl or boy, normal or challenged, to consider them all equal;  Through our Independence Day programmes in role-playing & honouring leaders who sacrificed their lives, our children were enlightened on the importance of  justice, tolerance, living in peace & harmony with each other in society.
The first half of an activity packed year comprised prayer services, studies and exams for those academically capable, needle-work, computer basics, gardening, conducting canteens, newspaper-drive, working on the loom, productivity and sales, participation and demonstration, enthusiasm and competitiveness on the Sports Field, display of true sportsmanship and camaraderie in helping fellow students and classmates on and off the field, Annual Sports and Inter-School Talent Contests, song and dance, skits and seminars, recognition and awards, felicitations and celebrations of Parents Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day, children performing for parents and teachers alike; teachers performing for children, in a spirit of oneness and equality, regional festivals and feast days, magic shows and treats, field trips to the aquarium, a day’s picnic for the little ones, for the older ones an over-night stay at our very own Khandala Prayer House, giving them the opportunity to admire and appreciate the peace and tranquility of their surroundings, to respect and thank God for His wonderful creation; all this  aimed at boosting their independence and responsibilities to enable them hold their own in society.
The second half, heralded the birth of our Saviour, enactment of His nativity by our children, with emphasis on humility and sacrifice, justice and peace, and above all “love”;  The visitation of our  Mother General, acknowledging and appreciating the work done at Special School.  Followed by a time of introspection to remind and revive in our children and ourselves the virtues and values handed down to us by our Foundress St. Claudine Thevenet, to experience and grow, witness and spread God’s goodness with those around us, everyday; Concluding with finals and evaluations, culminating with our Annual Day, in keeping with the desire to live our evangelistic mission, the theme aptly chosen was “Let me see the World” that successfully brought home the message of “Saving the Girl Child” greeted by parents and well wishers in the audience with cheers and tears, duly acknowledging our mission ! 

Tree plantation drives

... are carried out as an annual exercise to make the students aware of the need of moving towards a greener earth and thus saving our planet for coming generations.

The staff, helpers and students participated enthusiastically.

St. Joseph's High School, Pashan
Pune Province

29 de junio de 2016

St. Anne’s High School, Camp Pune

On 3 Priorities of the 36th General Chapter

The theme ‘Making Difference’ highlighted the third priority of our Mother Foundress. Children put up an endearing play on this issue. A shadow play introduced the topic where parents were made aware of how we humans have destroyed and exploited this beautiful earth created by God.
Students from Std. 5 to 10 put up a street play where children faced problems due to pollution on the road. A classroom scene was created where students gave various suggestions on how they could reduce waste in school. An endearing enaction by small children brought out the harsh reality of how human beings are encroaching on the rights of animals by spreading their habitat and cutting down forest.
Awareness was created for conserving our environment and learning to become responsible citizens. That’s what all our larger education goals are about.

Cleanliness Drive was held for the students of Std VIII &IX. Students accompanied by teachers enthusiastically holding banners and charts on cleanliness walked around the areas near Convent Street and St. Vincent’s Street. They not only made people aware through the rally on keeping the surrounding clean but also picked papers and plastic. The drive ended on a positive note.

28 de junio de 2016

Annual day, presentation on JPIC

If we go green...
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...

Nature will be robed in all its glory...
And Nature will be back...
Marol Andheri Mumbai
Pune Province

27 de junio de 2016

26 de junio de 2016

Celebrating a pollution free world

The Primary School gave the message of a pollution free world  with the help of a colourful programme -

It was an eye opener as it showed the various ways in which the earth is exploited and increased pollution levels that are a potential threat to ourselves and the life around us. The various skits and dances on land, sound, air and water pollution soulfully revealed damage and damage control measures.

 Air Pollution

Water Pollution
St. Joseph's High School, Pashan
Pune Province

25 de junio de 2016

Education for social awareness

For Social Awareness a Reach out programme was organised during the Christmas season wherein children were taken to orphanages, home for the Aged, a special school for specially abled children, blind school. 
They also had celebration with the Prem Dan children in our hall in the spirit of Christmas joy.

Fort Convent Mumbay,
Pune Province

24 de junio de 2016

Conferencia aniversario Laudato Si' - en español

Conferencia Online con motivo del 1º aniversario de la Laudato Si'. 
¡Muy interesante! 
Duración: 1 hora.

Luego de la Conferencia, Fabián Campos, del Movimiento Católico Mundial por el clima, compartió el link de la grabación: "El webinar con motivo del Primer Aniversario de Laudato Si' contó con excelentes ponencias de Mons. Julio Bonino, la Hna. Xiskya Valladares y el Dr. Pablo Canziani. Gracias a Dios hemos contado con una numerosa participación.  Este diálogo ha sido incluso retransmitido en diversas radios por la "Red de Comunicaciones Indigenas Apachita" de Bolivia y ha sido traducida simultáneamente al Quechua y al Aymara.
Para todos aquellos que no pudieron participar de la misma, les enviamos el siguiente link para que la puedan observar."
Fabián Campos
Coordinador de campaña para Hispanoamérica y España
Movimiento Católico Mundial por el Clima

A Venture...

Students of Std. V - X participated in the Beti Vikas mission, A Venture by Jesus and Mary NGO.
A movement for girls, initiated by girls, for the development of all girls irrespective of caste, creed, culture, language and ethnicity and contributed to the education by donating Rs. one/day = Rs. 365/year. 500 students contributed for this purpose.
Fort Convent Mumbay
Pune Province

23 de junio de 2016


'Khilo' conceived by the F.C.A.A., is a project that aims to provide free English medium education to underprivileged young girls.

The Fort Convent Alumni Association organized a musical extravaganza with maestros Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy on 31st March '16 at the Bhabha Theatre, N.C.P.A. 
Fort Convent, Mumbay,
Pune Province

22 de junio de 2016

Green day, from Pune

As part of the ‘World Earth Day’, celebrated on April 22nd and carrying forward one of   Saint. Claudine’s priority-‘ Living a life committed to justice, peace and the integrity of creation, ‘GREEN DAY’, was celebrated in CJM kharghar with great zeal and vigour ,to  promote the need  to save our Mother Earth. 

The students had a green bow on their uniforms symbolizing the need to protect our mother earth.

However, the focus on the environment was kept up high, as it was elicited that ‘man requires earth more than earth requires the man’. The significance to protect the earth was brought out indeed very meaningfully... In order to awaken and instill social consciousness tree plantation was done by the students from each and every section of the school. The saplings brought by them were planted to spread awareness among the students, the need to protect and save the environment for a better future and leaf sketching activities were too conducted.

The spirit of the celebration was quiet informative and reflective as it indeed carried the message as rightly said  “Create a world, where the environment doesn’t need any protection”.

CJM  kharghar,

Pune Province.

21 de junio de 2016

Go green, stay green, plant more trees!, from Pune

As part of ‘International Day of forest’, observed on March 21, Green Day and tree planting activity was conducted at Cjm Kharghar .Green is the colour of nature all the children were dressed in green. All students asked to bring ‘Golden Turanda’ saplings to be planted in the school campus. Children had hands on experience planting the sapling they really enjoyed it. They learnt the importance of trees in our environment, in our lives and their usefulness. This activity awakened in the little ones a social consciousness and love for the nature and Mother Earth. It is said, ‘The beauty of nature lies in the trees’ so plant and grow more trees.
CJM  kharghar,
Pune Province.

20 de junio de 2016

Start Today, save Tomorrow - From Pune

As part of World Environment Day on June 5, ‘Environment Day’, was celebrated at Convent of Jesus & Mary, kharghar with the theme start today, save tomorrow to inculcate environmental awareness among the students. 

The activity started with the presentation of sculpture based video from Genesis chapter; to inculcate God’s beautiful creation which was followed by a mesmerising performance of skit, exhibiting how inhumanly man kills tree and suffers long.
The activity also included group discussion, power point competition to ponder the measures to be taken for a sustainable living. The day was indeed inspirational because it was quite reflective and informative enlightening the need ‘to save our planet from harm’.

CJM  kharghar,
Pune Province.

19 de junio de 2016

Save girl chid campaing

Beti Vikas Mission’- a campaign initiated by the Religious of Jesus and Mary, Province of Pune, a project to promote care, protection and development of the girl Children, specially the poor and the needy to support the education and overall development of girl children focusing on the poorest of the poor and who lacks the opportunity both in rural and urban areas.

BETI VIKAS MISSION’, was inaugurated  in CJM Kharghar, followed by  eliciting the goals and objectives of the  BETI VIKAS MISSION to the students,  so as to spread awareness and  to encompass everyone to  this mission to support and reach out to hundreds of girl children who need caring and protection. A brief explanation was also provided about ‘UDDHAR VIKAS SANSTHA’ a registered non profit, non government, voluntary development organization, an official developmental agency started by the sisters of CJM focussing over children, youth, women in the urban and rural areas out.
Thus, the campaign was indeed meaningful as it instilled in young minds the need to reach out in service to the society at large, as the words of Mother Teresa “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

CJM  kharghar,
Pune Province.

18 de junio de 2016

How precious a girl is!

As the UN general assembly observes 11th October as ‘International Day Of Girl Child’, upholding one of Saint Claudine’s priority-‘ looking on our world with the eyes of Claudine and responding to its miseries’, CJM kharghar  conducted a meaningful assembly to develop an awareness and instill a sense of respect and value among students for a girl child in the society. 
The assembly included inspirational videos and a thought provoking enactment , that made the students and the staff alike  to reflect and ponder over the necessity of a girl child as girls are treasures to once family and are indeed the  strength of a society and a promising future of every nation.
Thus, the special assembly reflected over the message to ‘save girl child’ as she is too God’s precious creation.
CJM  kharghar,
Pune Province.

17 de junio de 2016

Peace walk in Warwick, RI

People of Faith United for Justice and Peace consists of St. Timothy’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Mark’s Episcopal, Pilgrim Lutheran and West Bay Community Jewish Center. Over the past few weeks, invitations were placed in parish bulletins inviting all to join in a peace walk on Sunday, May 29.

Sisters Vivian Patenaude, RJM, and Doris Bissonnette, RJM, along with other St. Timothy parishioners joined the group for the one o’clock start time. Flags were distributed along with song sheets and instructions at St. Timothy’s steps. We were encouraged to walk with someone from another parish whom we did not know, which created interesting conversation. Our first stop was at St. Mark’s where Mother Susan led us in prayer. At Pilgrim Lutheran (above) we wrote petitions and placed them on easels after praying them out loud for the group. Rabbi Perlman taught us an easy Hebrew peace chant and led us in singing “Blowing In The Wind” – which the youth among us did not know.
Here, Sr. Vivian and Sr. Doris are standing with “Ronnie” and another lady, both from West Bay Jewish Center. Ronnie had chosen to participate in this walk as a birthday gift to herself. It was encouraging to hear several cars tooting their occupants’ agreement with us as they passed by. It’s a beginning for a new group. Hopefully the Spirit will bring about further growth.
Doris Bissonnette, RJM

16 de junio de 2016

Our annual day programme...

From St. Joseph's High School, Pashan, Pune (Pune Province).

Our annual day programme which is a part of the JPIC movement.

See, Vedere, Ver, Voir ppt

13 de junio de 2016

Celebrating Earth day, from Karachi Community, Pakistan

The school celebrated “EARTH DAY”. Each class had prepared a song, a speech or an action song on the theme. The Head girl in her speech mentioned the history and the importance of this day. At the end every one took a pledge to keep the environment, school and class rooms clean and tidy. The earth is our home and we must take care of it not only for ourselves but for our coming generations too.


The world is such a lovely place. We’re in it together.

We’re in it together for ever and ever.

Let us care for our common home!!!

12 de junio de 2016

From Shadbagh community, Pakistan

Living a life committed to justice, peace and integrity of creation.

v  We tried to implement the 3rd priority in our school and in the basti. 
v  We as a community commit ourselves to the responsible use of natural resources and to care for the earth at a personal level, in our communities, in our educational centers and in all our ministries.   

Respect for human beings and the creation empower women and to promote a culture of peace and pardon.
            Sing a little song to Jesus to be to right
Trying, trying then we will see
Trying, trying then we will see
Prayer a little pray to Jesus to be right
Trying, trying….
Move a little close to Jesus to right
Trying, trying then we will see
Sing a little song, pray and payer moves a little close to Jesus to be right.

11 de junio de 2016

Save the Earth, from Sialkot, Pakistan

Power points about the present state of the Earth were shown at Assembly.
A special awareness program was prepared by different classes, and shown in the hall. Much emphasis was laid on the three R’s (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce).
Students were motivated to take care of God’s creation and not to waste natural resources, especially water.
Children were encouraged to put water bowls for the birds in school and at home.
Students from the different school houses take weekly turns to keep the grounds clean, as an important step towards saving the Earth.
There was also a campaign promoting cleniness by throwing litter into placed bins and waste paper baskets thus peomoting environment cleniness.
Our school has an environment club, Pals of the Planet since 1996. This club actively participates in different events to create awareness for the Earth. Competitions like Pet shows and Peace Rangoli are held on the issues of the present day Earth.
The Science club also participates in creating awareness through projects on Acid Rain, and violent dust storms that are frequent in Sialkot’s Summers.

10 de junio de 2016

Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

International Women’s  Day  -   8th March 2016                      

On 8th March, we, at the Convent of Jesus and Mary T.T. S, celebrated International Women’s Day with great joy and enthusiasm – Students, teachers, Domestic Staff, Sisters, all included. Sharp but meaningful messages from various members of the staff struck students’ attention. Which was further aroused by a brief skit presented by Prep Section, depicting how some women are degraded in our society.
The skit helped us to realize what our contribution is as citizens of Pakistan to change the social culture of our Land.
All present had their emotions immediately aroused and, unfortunately, felt the need of going into immediate action. However after toning down they came to understand that all undertakings must be slow, well considered and cautious.  After all ancient wisdom still applies.

Wishing everyone a very happy, and Peaceful  Women’s Day