19 de diciembre de 2018


En conclusion des travaux du 36ème chapitre général, trois priorités ont été retenues pour nous aider, nous les membres de la grande Famille Jésus-Marie, à approfondir notre charisme et notre relation avec le Seigneur. 
Ce faisant, nous n’avons pas manqué de travailler chacune de ces priorités avec les enfants de la Maison d’Accueil Claudine Thévenet ici à Bitam, au Gabon: Pour vivre la troisième priorité, nous avons eu des échanges avec nos petits enfants sur le bien-fondé du soin de toute chose, principalement de la nature, de l’environnement, élément avec lequel ils sont constamment en contact. Cet exercice nous pousse aussi à nous ouvrir au devoir de tout enfant : collaborer dans les tâches ménagères. Nous croyons que c’est en faisant que on apprend et l’habitude s’Install pour le bon.

A la suite de ces partages, les enfants deviennent encore plus sensibles à la beauté de l’environnement, ils savent apprécier les fleurs qu’ils ne coupent que pour l’usage dans la chapelle. Ils apprennent aussi à ne pas salir cet environnement, et surtout  à éviter la déforestation. Toutefois, nous désirons aller plus loin en donnant une formation adaptée contre la violence sous toutes ses formes afin de promouvoir la paix. C’est un long chemin à faire mais on ne se décourage pas.

Sœur Marie Faustine Masosi rjm
Communauté de Bitam, Gabon
Délégation d’Afrique

17 de diciembre de 2018

The care of the environment: Eco-Friendly

“Cleanliness they Say is next to Godliness” But in as much as we (Africans) are known for our great sense of worship, it is not the same always with Cleanliness, especially in our surroundings. Many factors which cannot be discussed here and now, are responsible for this. The dirty environment fascinates anyone who is not used to such sight and visiting us for the first time. This situation always gives me some feelings of deep shame. But deep down in my heart, I have hope that this could change if we are ready to work towards it and to educate the young generation towards this objective. This is the reason why I felt the necessity of sharing this concern with the kids in school in my place of mission:  Complexe Scolaire Jésus-Marie, here in Libreville-Gabon.

I felt there was no better place than the school environment that this message could take roots and have a possible force to impact the human person. So I gathered a few kids so that we could discuss our concern for the environment especially our immediate environment which is our school compound. There came a school club called Eco-Friendly, with the intention of making us friends of the Ecological system. The ideal behind this, is to help us all become more aware of the need to take care of our environment, and to show Love to our surroundings.

The interesting part of it all is, even though it is very difficult making these kids put trashes in the waste bin, they know exactly what it means to be Friends of the Eco-System, our environment. During our first few meetings, they were able to share on how to keep our environment clean, and the need, importance and also the consequence of not doing it. They know that a neat environment means: orderliness and cleanliness, where one can live and sleep peacefully and comfortably. They know that clean environment enhances harmony and togetherness, good respiration, healthy vegetation, rains.

With a firm conviction of keeping their school surroundings clean, they decided to engage themselves into some practical actions by creating awareness among their peers, the need to work together in keeping the environment clean. They were ready to punish those who will violate these targeted goals.  They became like watch dogs among themselves, filing back reports and complaint against their fellow wards who were disrespecting their environment and set rules to protect it.  And to achieve their goals, they decided also to do a propaganda to the other kids, so that they will stop throwing waste on the ground but instead put them in the dustbins or waste paper baskets.

We are also on a project of planting followers round the school compound. They also decided to save some money from their money for snacks in order to invest and realize these projects.

This may appear as something very insignificant, but my profound impression and joy, is their enthusiasm about the whole thing. How interested the kids are about these projects, shows just how much more initiatives they could come up with and realized great things in life for the good of their society if they are encouraged, coordinated and guided. For this, I felt they were ready for action, so we started a teamwork by planting some Flowers and some fruits.

We also had an activity in conjunction with our Bicentenary celebration and our third priority, which was about a work around our school on the World’s environment day celebration held on the 05 /06/ 2018. We created awareness in our neighborhood through a walk. We had messages written on placards and at the same time some practical work of picking dirty on the street and putting them into trash bags. It was quite an achievement for the kids; they came back very tired but excited and joyful and feeling fulfilled!

A seed has been planted in these children, we have not achieved the desired goal of a very clean school environment but I believe they are more conscious about our collective need and desire for a better environment and in general the whole of the eco-system. Such actions affirms the conviction the little people doing little things in little ways can change the world for better!
Sr. Magdalene Ucho rjm
 Libreville community, Gabon
Delegation of Africa

14 de diciembre de 2018

Caravan of Love

Witness of Rosie rjm

Thought you might be interested in last Saturday's 'Caravan of Love' that Nat and I participated in with Enrique Morrones (founder and leader of the Border Angels) and his Border Angels.  We were one of 43 cars in this caravan leaving from the Border Angels small office in Barrio Logan in San Diego to head to five different sites in Tijuana where the migrants are located.  Cars were packed with various donated items needed by the migrants.  A large group with some health professionals from Colorado went to the new shelter 7 miles from the Otay border crossing, which is the replacement shelter after they left the Tijuana Sports Arena.  Another group went to the Sports Arena to bring food and clothing to the few remaining migrants.  The rest of us went to the Border Angels shelter on the beach next to the border wall in Tijuana Playas area.  There Nat and I met some of the Honduran migrants who helped unload and repack items going to the next shelter.  One told us of his long journey much of which was by foot.  Now he was so happy to be at this shelter and hoping to get his papers in order.  At the Border Angels shelter living space, food, donation room and immigration lawyers are provided for the needs of the migrants.  It provides a hopeful view of the Pacific Ocean and the US on the other side of the border walls.  After leaving this shelter the group went to two other shelters in Tijuana to bring the remaining donated items.  The energy, joy, compassion, commitment and helpfulness of each participant ignited deep gratitude in our hearts.  God bless them and the many people who donated all the items we delivered.  God bless each of the migrants on their continued journey of hope and new life.  Here are a few pictures of the border wall from the Tijuana side, the Border Angels collections in San Diego & their shelter in Tijuana and a tent area where we saw some of the migrants on our way out of Tijuana right along the border.  Our two RJM communities here in San Diego are very united in prayer for the migrants, helping them with our donations and visits on either side of the border and very much united and thankful to all of our province for the prayers and donations you have provided.  God bless you very specially for your support as we share our 3 priorities, especially Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

Rosie Nicholson, RJM