9 de mayo de 2020

Prayer to Open Laudato Si’ Week - May 16 - 24, 2020

in celebration of the 5th anniversary of the letter of Pope Francis to every person living on this planet.
Thank you, Province of USA-Haiti!

Preparation: This prayer may be done all at once (in about 30 minutes), or it can be spread out over the anniversary week. Whether you pray by yourself, or virtually with others – indoors or outdoors – create a focal point with pictures or objects that speak to you of Earth’s gifts, Earth’s losses, our failures, and your personal hope for our common home; get readers as needed; select music.
www.marysouthardart.org.Used with permission

Five years ago, on May 24, 2015, Pope Francis sent a letter to every person living on Planet Earth, about the urgent need to take care of Earth as our common home. He called his letter Laudato Si’ which means “praised be,” a title he borrowed from St. Francis of Assisi, known for his great love of nature. On his deathbed, nearly 1000 years ago, St. Francis sang a hymn of praise to Brother Sun, Sister Moon and all creation, singing again and again “praised be ….” The Children Are Asking,©M. Southard, CSJ 

This week during  May 16-24, 2020, the people of the world are gathering everywhere to celebrate the letter of Pope Francis, and listen again to his call to renew our commitment to care for Earth as the home we share. So, we gather now to remember the gifts creation has lavished on us, and give thanks for the progress we’ve made in caring for Earth as our mother, and sister, and home. We gather to mourn Earth’s losses and our failures toward her, and to advance our hope for the future of all life on this wonderful planet.

Music: Choose music that connects you joyfully with Earth — Suggestion: listen to a recording of “What a Wonderful World”, by Louis Armstrong:  
Full Prayer
4 Moments: 
  1. Gratitude...
  2. Sorrow
  3. Hope
  4. Thoughts & Actions through the week

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