22 de octubre de 2020

Taking part in the Season of Creation

From Community of Dublin, Ireland

As a community here in Dublin we have enjoyed taking part in the Season of Creation. We had a lovely Prayer Service on the theme.  

We cultivated a small bio- diversity garden with beautiful wild flowers, attracting the bees, also a Plaque marking our Common Home, which is set in this garden. We also had various posters displayed in the house. All of this has inspired us to nurture and care for our beautiful world.

From CJM Dehra Dun, India

On Thursday the 24thSeptember 2020 we celebrated the ‘Jubilee for the Earth’. It was a very meaningful celebration and we were able to experience the oneness with our creator and gave glory to this marvellous works. 

21 de octubre de 2020

Celebración - Service Prayer


Proposition de célébration pour le Temps de la Création.
Année 2020: Jubié pour la Terre
Une proposition de prière avec et pour notre Maison Commune
Service Prayer Season of Creation. 
Year 2020: Jubilee for the Earth
A service prayer with and for our Common Home
Propuesta de celebración durante EL TIEMPO DE LA CREACIÓN. 
Año 2020: Jubileo por la Tierra
Una propuesta de oración con y por nuestra Casa Común

20 de octubre de 2020

Proyecto Jesús María teje...

Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cuando comenzó la pandemia, comenzaba también el otoño y los días comenzaban a refrescar.

Así fue, que junto a familias de nuestros colegios de Pablo Nogués y Bella Vista (Provincia de Buenos Aires) nos pusimos a trabajar para hacernos cercanos a personas que están en situación de calle o en el sector de neonatalidad del Hospital de la ciudad. Juntamos alimentos, ropa, calzado, también Biblias que ellos mismos nos pedían. Varias familias se comprometieron a entregar todo con los cuidados necesarios en este tiempo de pandemia.

Una de las actividades que nos involucró a muchos se propuso desde la Pastoral del Colegio: se lanzó una campaña invitando a las familias a tejer cuadrados de lana de 20cm x 20 cm. Muchas abuelas y mamás, y alumnos se comprometieron y las religiosas de la comunidad unieron esos cuadrados multicolores formando preciosas y abrigadas mantas.

16 de octubre de 2020

JPIC webinar Adventure


For five weeks beginning in late July, I participated in the Laudato Si Animators webinar.  There were two groups and I joined the evening group as it fit best into my schedule and energy level.  Each webinar provided excellent speakers, enlightening Power Points, and engaging small group conversations in breakout sessions.  It was exciting sharing with people from various parts of South America, India, Africa and Canada in these breakout sessions each week.  We had homework to complete online such as reading ‘On Care For Our Common Home’, Pope Francis’ Encyclical, additional videos, resources and lots of reflective writing.  This group is trying to continue highlighting Laudato Si for the next two years so that its 7th Anniversary Year will hopefully be a moment of realizing personal and global conversion for justice, peace and the care of creation.  

Two activities particularly energized me.  One was having to write a ‘future letter’ from a child who would be writing to me 80 years from now regarding my involvement in caring for the earth and what this now elderly ‘child’ would be experiencing on this earth handed down to her.  That was a profound contemplative experience that moved me to action.

The second activity was to build a project to promote values of Laudato Si.  So, I am writing weekly newsletters to our residents at Joan of Arc Residence inviting them to:  pray ‘A Prayer for Our Earth’ by Pope Francis; reflect on God’s many blessings and give thanks; care for our earth-garden and for one another’s life by wearing a mask in common areas; perform acts of ‘healing’ earth by pulling weeds in the garden, noticing and appreciating the physical and spiritual nourishment in our midst; pray and speak out for equality, justice and an end to all racism;  share and invite those with means to contribute to our JM ‘Together More Than Ever Before’; have a plant and/or vegetable  exchange in the garden to continue a sustainable way of living right here.

So, as my/our lives are impacted with: COVID, politics, racism, hunger, demonstrations in our streets, the plight of migrants, homelessness, fires throughout the west coast, particularly here in the local San Diego hills where smoke clouds then deposited ash on our property as they headed to the ocean leaving pollution filling the sky, my involvement in JPIC ignited my desire and energy towards creating spaces where love and compassion for one another and our earth could take root in the midst of all this.  Please continue praying for the migrants we assist with food and rent and also for my migrant pen pals in the detention center near our house. COVID is a daily threat there. Thanks.

Rosie Nicholson
from Province os USA-Haiti