29 de diciembre de 2019

The season of Creation

Province of Pakistan

 1st September to 4th October as the season of Creation and The synod on the Amazon started, we as the Religious of Jesus and Mary, our students, teachers were on fine passion to be actively involved. The climatic action, movement caught our attention to come together save our precious common homeland and its people.

Every day at assembly little ones brought messages, poems, songs and speeches to express their great love for the welfare for our common home. The children shared the school activities with their families and daily plantation took place at their homes, villages, streets, on roadside and the graveyard. They brought the pictures of the family tree which were placed on the school bulletin board. Through these little events and activities great joy and outpouring comments from parents have been incredible. Some children took great pride to bring plants and trees for the school.

It’s the little ones that inspired us to take this campaign to the grassroots level thus we planted many fruits and shady trees with the brickline’s families.  As we all know that the brickline’s families are away from the city so a shady tree was planted for each family. They take great pride to look after the trees like a family member. We also prayed together to bring awareness to families that climate emergency is real, Act Now!

Daily practice of serving God in all creation we have started a campaign to keep our surroundings clean. No to plastic bags and Yes to recycling and in our school we really see the fruit of this campaign to use the bin. Bulletins boards were prepared for this campaign and we consider it as a part of healthy curriculum. We are so grateful for this season of reflection, action we have shared. These moments have given all of us hope, inspiration to save the earth our common homeland. It has brought us closer to our mother earth and to each other.

International Peace day was observed and celebrated in our school with a great zeal and joy.
With great dedication Children had prepared poems, songs, speeches and little scripts to spread peace in the world and in our own country to make Pakistan a peaceful and better place for everyone. Little ones invited the senior girls and boys to join them to plant seeds of peace.
We observed 2 minutes silence to mobilize the inner peace. The program was ended by leaving C.J.M banner in the air with the message “Peace begins with a smile.” After national anthem children went to their classes. The entire program was disciplined and well arranged.


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