17 de diciembre de 2019

The school activities of Karachi community throughout the year

Province of Pakistan
               Celebrating Earth Day  
The school celebrated Earth day with children of Prep 1& 2 creating awareness of the need to look after Mother Earth. The children are holding paper banners in which they tell us to take care of Mother Earth.
Celebrating international women’s day
Class 8 presents a dance depicting the hardships of women in everyday life.

A)  Their need to be free.
B)  Their need to celebrate life.
C)  Their need for equal rights.
D)  Their need to avail of the opportunities in life. 
The sisters of Karachi community share their goods with deserving families of non-Christians. We wish to promote inter faith harmony which touches every corner of our nation. Amidst the suffering world religious beliefs are proved to be the way forward for peace and prosperity.
Sharing our goods with the poor

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