4 de diciembre de 2017

Gujarat Health Meeting (INDIA)

The Meeting  was held in the Nagra Shrine Hall, in Khambhat  on 10th November 2017. There were representatives from  SMC (School Managing Committee), Nurses (FHW) Field Health Workers), SHGs (Self Help Groups), Village Leaders, Teachers, Mahila Mandals and masons, painters, akik –stone polishing workers, etc.
Questions concerning Tuberculosis and Silicosis – which is caused by inhalation of dust particles from polishing Akik stones, were discussed and solved.
Prevention of Silicosis was discussed and the use of goggles and masks during work were encouraged. They would be supplied freely by the PHC responsible for Silicosis. 
All the participants returned having resolved to work to stop Tuberculosis and Silicosis, by helping to diagnose cases, counsel them and motivate them to take the treatment which is available freely. 

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