10 de noviembre de 2017

Training on Kitchen garden

Convent of Jesus and Mary, PALANPUR-India

We had the Training on Kitchen Garden for the tribal villages of Palanpur. These tribals are called Dungri Garasia Adivasis. These villages are in the forest and their houses are very far away and very often these people do not get vegetables to eat.They eat only Maze Chappati with the chilly powder. So in order to help these people to get the vegetables easily in their places.  Sr. Julie Parmar  organized the Training on Kitchen Garden for these villagers. Mr.Khushal bhai from Palanpur was the resource person who cultivates the vegetables himself. Hence he has much experience in this area. He explained to them how to cultivate and in which season to cultivate the vegetables. 

He also explained how the waste water could be saved  and  used for this purpose. Sometimes children and others throw away the remaining  water after drinking. So he told them to keep two buckets near the water pot and put the remaining water in the buckets. He  also instructed them to wash the pots everyday and keep the place clean.

The Training on Kitchen Garden has made very big impact on all the women. Some women used this knowledge and have started to cultivate the vegetables for their own houses.

Manuben  Kheemabhai  from Tandelee village cultivated the vegetables she told all the women in the meeting that she did not have money to buy vegetables so always ate with chappati with chilly powder. She said she never knew this but after the training,  now she has  so much vegetables to eat, not only for her family but the other families around also. She can now share the vegetables  with others, too.

So in this way women are concentised to help themselves and help their families.

Sr. Julie Parmar.

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