25 de agosto de 2017

St. Agnes' High School, BYCULLA, Pune, India - Part 1

Ambassadors for Mother Earth

It was a special day for the students and teachers of Std. 1X of St. Agnes’ High School. It was the day of the inauguration of the Eco-Club.

The programme began with a short prayer service invoking God’s presence among us. This was followed by a meaningful speech delivered by Anam Khan on of the 9th std. students. She very emphatically highlighted the problems we are facing today due to our insensitive attitude towards Mother Nature. It is therefore the need of the hour to make genuine efforts to save our environment for the future generations. A short dance performance reinforced the above message very vividly.

The students then took the oath, pledging to take care of the environment and also make judicious use of all resources thus promising to be ‘Ambassadors for Mother Nature’.

Ms. Jenella then went on to explain the rules and regulations of the club and also informed the students that a Vice-President would be selected from among them and also a Secretary who would be assigned the task of keeping a record of all the activities of the Club. Four students from each class would be selected as Green Corp Members who would assist the Vice-President in the various activities.
Our Principal Sr. Antonette encouraged and motivated the newly formed Eco-Club in their future endeavours. She advised them to take up this noble cause willingly and to make our world a better place a reality. 

Various activities such as ‘Tobacco Awareness Campaign’, ‘Cleanliness Drive’, ‘Best out of Waste Competition’, ‘Tree Plantation Drive’, ‘Skit on Managing Waste’, have been planned. The Club will also collaborate with Green Line an organization which works for the environment, by taking part in their activities for the year.
Kudos Eco-Club! Let’s march for the environment.

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