7 de agosto de 2017

Earth Day Celebrated, Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Toba Tek Singh School, Pakistan

With regard to the International Earth Day and in keeping with our 3rd priority the Convent of Jesus and Mary School Toba Tek Singh dedicated a week to give their students awareness of the Vitol role Mother Earth plays in our daily lives, and in turn how should we look after it - by keeping it clean, safe and living in peace and harmony with each other and creation. Every day a few students gave short but very practical and informative messages about Mother Earth – “Our Common Home”. Some of the classes presented beautiful tableaus to enable children to comprehend the importance of each one’s role in making our Mother Earth a better place for everyone to live a happy and comfortable life. They also emphasized a responsible and careful use of natural resources e.g. water, gas and electricity and many more daily used items in every family, institution and everywhere in the society. “We should protect our Mother Earth by not cutting the trees but planting more and more trees, trying to keep our environment clean, helping the animals and teaching other people the invaluable treasure the Mother Earth is for us all” A Student Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his message: “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people”. Moreover, the school offered monthly Mass based on this very fundamental part of our daily life – Mother Earth. Prior to the last blessing during the Holy Mass Class V presented a tableau on a Urdu hymn – Chay Din may Khuda Nay Zameen (in six days God created Heaven and Earth). 

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