2 de agosto de 2017

EARTH DAY CELEBRATION – 2017 Convent of Jesus and Mary, MURREE, Pakistan

Earth Day was celebrated on Friday, 21st April, 2017 in the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree.  The stage had a huge blue semicircle backdrop with the word “Earth” written on it.  Images of the earth adorned the stage.  After the English and Urdu speeches, each presented the item they had prepared which comprised of songs and tableaux.  An Urdu play on Earth Day was a special item. This was followed by a multimedia presentation on Earth Day.  The students were given examples of how to save Mother Earth e.g. by planting trees, avoiding traffic and water pollution, recycling plastic, and not throwing litter on the ground.
The students of the Senior School presented a colourfulprogramme which began with a speech in English followed by a multimedia presentation entitled “Voices of the Earth” by the students of Class 10.  The other performances included tableaux, poems, plays and quotations each of these emphasizing the importance of saving Mother Earth from environmental issues.

The enthusiasm of the students and the teachers was obvious as each class came on stage for their performance.  The message of this event was to create in the students awareness of the issues facing our environment, and this was conveyed in a very positive way.

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