6 de agosto de 2017

EARTH DAY - Convent of Jesus and Mary Matric School - KARACHI, Pakistan

The Earth Day was celebrated in our school on April, 22nd, 2017. The students of Convent of Jesus and Mary Matric Cantt celebrated this day with great interest and enthusiasm. They prepared few speeches, songs and other items.
The program started with a speech delivered by the head girl Melina Francis in which she explained to the students how earth can be saved from global warning and highlighted several environmental issues.
The next item was performed by the little angels of classes I,II and III. They performed beautifully on a song “If you look around”. It was lively and energetic performance and everybody enjoyed it.
After a poem the student of class VI Priya delivered a speech, it was an informative speech about how we can keep our planet clean.
Then came the turn of the students of classes IV& V. they mesmerized us with a beautiful hymn “Creation of the World”. It was a colourful performance in which they focused on nature.They were dressed up very beautiful.
The next item was a speech delivered by the student of class X Jaweria Patras. After a speech, the students of class VII performed on song “Earth we are in it together”. It was a graceful and well coordinated dance.
Then the students of class VIII performed on a moralistic skit followed with a song “Go Green”. In this skit act of ours can bring a huge change and for this we all can work together to keep our school clean and green.
The next turn was of class IX students. It was a mine performance on “How to Save Water” without using words, with their expressions and emotions they informed us how we can save water. They truly showed us that actions speak louder than words.
Last but not the least the students of class X showed us an amazing performance on song “SohniDharti” all the students enjoyed the song  and joined them in singing.

The program ended with a speech delivered by our school Headmistress Sr. Bernadette in which she gave the message to the students that they are the caretakers and they can work in harmony to keep our plant healthy.

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