30 de marzo de 2018

Visit to The Convent of Jesus and Mary - Sangamner Mission School

Human values are fast deteriorating. Love, empathy, kindness etc are giving way to other priorities. In order to instill awareness and enrich values in our children, St. Joseph High School, Pashan, takes the  initiative to take students to visit missionary schools and orphanages every year. 
During one such drive the students and teachers of our school visited the Sangamner Mission School, on the 17th of February 2018. 
Our main aim was to bring about an awareness in our students, and to reach out to the less privileged. We wanted our children to realize that they can be happy and content in any situation and that they should see how these children manage to cope with their lives and excel in their studies at the same time.
The first hand experience gave our students:
  1. A ‘personal touch’ to their feelings. 
  2. Built an intention to ‘WANT’ to reach out to the needy. 
  3. A ‘Learning to share ‘, besides sponsoring some poor children to get a good education.
The first thing we noticed was the simplicity of their wants - i.e. The need for love.
Our children interacted with these children by listening to them, sharing their experiences, hearing hymns and songs prepared by them especially for us. Such talent! 
The students of St. Joseph High School Pashan, sang and danced for them and spent memorable moments together.
Later the children played games and then had a meal together too.
What our children learnt that day was that they should be grateful to their parents and thankful to God for all the things they are blessed with.
The inner strength in the face of adversity was something that served as a take away for our children.
Despite their condition, students thrive when given an opportunity.
Our children need ‘Something’ or ‘Someone’ to help them become achievers. 
A ‘Good Education’ is the ‘Something’ and ‘WE’ inculcating ‘Good Values’ are the ‘Someone’!

St. Joseph High School – Pashan

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