2 de septiembre de 2017

St. Joseph High School, PASHAM, Pune, India

A Social awareness program

The School conducted  an awareness program about the fundamental rights and duties as well as the importance of planting  trees and safe driving.
The activity was a kaleidoscope in mime and music, and it was very powerfully portrayed .
The thousand strong crowed of parents and students was mesmerized by the performance. It included the importance of the girl child by laying stress on gender equality.
The harm caused by cutting down trees and its repercussions like sound pollution, noise pollution and air pollution besides climatic change.
The danger involved in drunken driving and the merits of obeying traffic rules.
The right to progress lies in education and it puts an end to exploitation in society.
Making people aware of the beauty of unity and diversity.
Each one aptly reaching out to the third priority and very strongly committed to Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation. 

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