20 de septiembre de 2017

A peace rally to conscientise authorities

(An error in the State Board Hindi Text book)

Our country, India is a land of people belonging to different cultures, traditions, languages, colour, caste and creed. Where people practice different faiths and follow different religious. The unity despite diversities is of utmost importance. But the recent happenings in terms of attacks to the Christian Minority Community are of serious concern to the very existence and living of this peace loving community. We have contributed our best in the growth, welfare and advancement of our country through our educational institutions, our hospitals and community welfare institutions.
Despite the services rendered we find ourselves trapped in various unwanted, politically motivated and supported conflicts for absolutely no genuine reason. 

One of these reasons was the reference to Jesus, our Saviour as "Haiwan". (The Hindi word for "Satan") in the text book produced, printed and recommended by the Gujarat State Board of Schools Text books by the State Government in the Hindi subject studied by the students of class IX all over the state. 
To highlight and rectify this discrepancy, a silent peace rally was conducted by all the Christian groups on 12th June, 2017 in protest against reference to Our Lord Jesus as "Haiwan" (Satan). 
Religious leaders, principals, RJMs, and lay leaders of the Christian Churches and Missionary Schools briefed the Collector on how we show and express our respect and concern for all faiths in our institutions. They gave an account of the celebration of various festivals in schools through which children are taught to practise inter-faith harmony and sensitivity towards one and all. 
The solidarity expressed by the Christians during this rally was a note worthy feature of the entire silent protest. 

In an era where the world has reached its peak in advancements in various fields, we the Christian minorities have made massive contribution to the promotion of values, ideals and helped the youth who have educated themselves in our schools, to create a unique place and position in the society and leave an outstanding mark of their Alma Mater wherever and in whatever profession they undertake.
We hope that there will be no discrimination among us and such gross errors that lay a negative impact on young minds and hearts be taken care of by our political leaders and that peace prevails in a country that celebrates unity in diversity.
Sisters of Vadodara Province

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