27 de septiembre de 2017

Activity at Karunalaya Dispensary Anklav, Vadodara, India

In keeping with the World Cancer Day an awareness talk on the same was organized  for the women at Karunalaya Dispensary Anklav on 27.2.17 at 9:45 am Many women from the nearby villages of Anklav were present.
Sr. Theresa George RJM being the resource person of the  day mainly spoke on the  CANCER as whole with special emphasis on uterine and breast cancer.  She mainly spoke on the signs and symptoms of cancer like weight loss, anemia, generalized debility , anorexia … with the signs of the breast cancer like painless lump in the breast or axilla, bleeding or any discharge from the breast , change in the shape and size of the breast and in the nipple needs to be observed and watched for. For the cancer of the uterus and cervix like abnormal discharges which is offensive, dyspareunia or spotting of the blood seen after menopause are the main causes.
Besides this Sr. also emphasized on the importance of hygiene. Cleanliness is next to Godliness where keeping the surroundings clean and maintenance of personal hygiene can prevent cancer and other diseases.
A special  emphasis was stressed on education. Where by educating one girl you educate the whole house , and by educating one woman you educate the  whole society. A woman is a beacon of light in her family and it is the same woman who loves and feels for her others. Role of a woman in the society is very important  and where by  her presence the whole world could be transformed. So we as women need not be ashamed but need to  feel proud of our existence. So she encouraged the women to avail the opportunities given to them like vocational training …. and in turn make good use of it. So education plays a key role in the life of a woman and allows the woman not to be submissive but to uphold their rights and dignity.

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