9 de febrero de 2018



ANNUAL ART –CRAFT AND SUPW exhibition of KHRIST RAJA SCHOOL was held on 11-12-2017. It was inaugurated by our manager Sr. Gracy Paul accompanied with community sisters.

Teachers and students had presented their creations made by using waste material like used plastic bottles, old cds , bangles, kite paper, old cloth pieces, newspaper, wool, used disposable spoons, ice cream sticks, drinking straws etc.
All the students and staff members of KRS got an overwhelming response from the guests who visited the exhibition. It was clearly seen how children made “best out of waste” and help in waste management by re-using and re-cycling of various waste things. For example:

1) Wall hanging:

A- Made from old bangles and thin fabrics like old duppattas of net or any translucent material for decoration mirrors, beads, small bells, straws or pipes were used.

B- Made from old cloth pieces, for base thick fabric like jute is taken. For decoration cut out of different shapes is pasted on the base to create different designs like flower vase, scenery, landscape etc.

C-Made from old newspaper and coloured sheets for quilling work. Acrylic paints were used to make it attractive. 

2) Piggy Bank:
Made from used old plastic bottle like Pepsi/coke bottle, five coke bottle caps, acrylic paints.
3Paper flowers:
Made from using kite paper and kulfi sticks.
4) Doormat:
Made from using old waste duppattas or sarees, gunny bags, wool. Three inch strips of waste cloth is tied to form a long braid which is then placed in circular form on the piece of jute. 
5) Jewellery:
Made from using old newspaper pipes, drinking straws, beads, wool etc. Bracelet and necklaces were made out of these waste things.

6) Wind Chimes:

A- Made from using upper half of a Pepsi/ coke bottle. Then for decoration old wool, drinking straws, pom pom etc is used.

B- Made from using ice cream cups, beads, mirrors, bells etc.

7) Chicks:
Made from using egg tray and coloured paper used for making different parts.
8) Snow man:
Made from using old plastic medicine bottles and coloured paper for detailing.
9) Basket:
Made from using old newspaper acrylic paints, mirrors etc.
10) Fish:
Made from using old cds and coloured paper for detailing.
11) Peacock:
Made from using disposable spoons, ear buds and acrylic paints.
 12) Bottle decoration:
Made from using Pepsi/coke bottle, wool, mirrors etc.

 13) Soft toys:
Made from using cloth bags, waste cloth trimmings for stuffing, fabric paints for detailing.
 14) Face masks:
Made from using disposable plates, coloured paper and paints for detailing.

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