15 de febrero de 2018

How can we use Plastic in a better way?

In Enniscrone, County Sligo, Ireland, Transition Year students (15 to 16 years) are involved in a ‘Young Environmentalist Project’. This is part of our involvement in obtaining a National Green Flag for ‘Global Citizenship and Waste’.

Our focus is on the wonderful product ‘Plastic’. It is hugely important to our everyday life, but its disposal is becoming a major hazard in our seas and in landfill sites, as it will remain for generations.

We will be emailing Jesus and Mary Secondary Schools all over the world. We will ask them to answer 2 questions.

1.  What are the problems associated with waste plastic in your local area?

2.  Have you suggestions for recycling or reuse of plastic products?

We would welcome any other ideas from around the world.

Please reply as we welcome your partnership in the care of our environment and God’s wonderful creation.

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