14 de febrero de 2017

"Kindness Day"

WSG concludes Catholic Schools week with "Kindness Day"

During the first week of February, we celebrated Catholic Schools Week.
Our Catholic identity is the core of our community. We celebrate being a Catholic school all year long through special masses and daily prayer; but this week in particular, we celebrated our school community. One of the many important aspects of being a Catholic school is maintaining the fun, safe, and respectful learning environ­ment that our girls know and love.
The students had an exciting week full of themed dress-up days, and ended with "Kindness Day" on Friday.
The girls started the day of kindness with a prayer service followed by various activities in small groups demonstrating the positive ways in which they can respond to mistreatment.
To further grasp the effects that an individual's words or actions can have on another, the girls learned about the "ripple effect".
Each group was given a bucket of water; and each student was given a handful of sprinkles that represented their actions. As they sprinkled their items into the bucket, they could see and really understand how far their actions can go.
I was moved by the simplicity of the exercise and the thoughtful responses it elicited from our students.
The day ended with each student taking a pledge to always ask, "What Would Jesus Do?" before responding to a difficult situation.

Sister Mary Bourdon, RJM 
RJM Head of School
USA Province

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