9 de enero de 2017

International Charity Day

International Charity Day was celebrated in School to make the children more aware of being more loving towards people and the environment.Preparation for this day began a week earlier. On September 5th the children planted seeds in their own individual pots. The cost of the seeds was also put in the box for the poor.
As a seed needs food, sunshine and care to grow so does every creature.
On the following days all of us had the joy of seeing the young shoots emerge and grow because of the loving care they had received. So in the same way all creatures grow with love and care.There's more joy in giving than receiving.
These values are instilled today for a better tomorrow.

Convent of Jesus and Mary Lahore, Pakistan

Other groups of children made charts to renew their love and care for God’s creation given to us as a gift.

A team of our enthusiestic boys busy to keep our grounds clean after the break!

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